How often should I have my carpets cleaned ?

Cleaned correctly, the minimum for the Pilbara region would be annually. Then we take into account,
1. Traffic.
2. Pets.
3. Amount of time spent at home.
This can lift the frequency to 3-6 months.

Clerical offices. Every 6 months (approx).

Shops, hotel lounges, kindergartens. Every 3 months (approx).

Restaurants, hospital public areas. Every 1-2 months (approx).

Why should I have my carpets steam cleaned ?

Steam cleaning employs the three basic cycles of cleaning.
Detergent application, agitation and rinse to remove the residues which lead to rapid resoiling.
We recommend this method for residential settings.

Why should I have my carpets dry cleaned ?

We prefer this method for commercial premises where the carpet needs to be back in service in a very short time.

Do I have to move any furniture ?
We will move lounge suites, dining tables and chairs if necessary. We would however appreciate it if you could move as many small items as possible from the areas to be cleaned, magazine racks, toys, knick knacks etc.
How much does it cost?
Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.


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